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    by Vic Leggott (Click for personal web site)  

Jabiru Owner/Kitplane Builder in the UK



Custom built Instrument panels   


Jabiru Aircraft covers &  Custom made Aircraft Parts and Accessories

Alternate Jab spares

Engine/Propeller  Under construction

Jabiru Alternator upgrade

450 UL electric flaps

Vortex Generators


UK Jabiru Aircraft types

Jabiru SK - Short wing short Fus - 430kg mauw -GroupA

Jabiru SP - Short wing long Fus - 470kg mauw -GroupA

Jabiru SPL 430 and 450 - Long wing long Fus - 430kg/450kg mauw - GroupA

Jabiru UL 430 and 450 - Long wing, long Fus 430kg/450kg mauw - Ultralight

Jabiru Calypso 450 - Long wing, long Fus bigger tail / winglets 450kg mauw - Ultralight

Jabiru UL-D - Long wing, long Fus bigger tail / winglets 450kg mauw - Ultralight - Factory built

Jabiru J160 2 seater - mauw 540kg -GroupA

Jabiru J400 4 seater - mauw 700kg -GroupA

Jabiru J430 Long wing - 4 seater - mauw 700kg -GroupA


The information contained in these pages is for interest purposes only. Not all the comments by contributors are factual, just opinions. There are a large number of Jabiru engines and aircraft in operation and the product is continually evolving and improving.
Your Jabiru dealer or relevant body should be contacted before any modifications or changes are carried out to the aircraft kit or engines. This could affect your warranty or insurance cover. 
Please ask before reproducing material from this site, thank you.