Here are some examples of panels I've built -

I can build you a panel to meet your requirements. 

Panel fronts are custom made, so almost any layout is possible, including the flush fitting of awkward shape GPS units etc.

Prices vary depending on what options you choose eg. just the basics as supplied by Jabiru up to a full IFR panel. You supply the avionics and instruments and I supply circuit breaker switches and warning lights, carb temp monitors etc.

Prices start at 900 for a painted plug and play panel.

ST Aviations J430 demonstrator. 2 axis autopilot, fibre optic panel lighting etc.

J430 panel with Dynon 10A

J430 panel

J400 Panel

Jabiru SPL with VLA panel

. .  


Custom cut panel fronts

Radio rack

Jabiru UL with GA panel

J400 with P1 on the right hand side with glass cockpit display

MK 26 Spitfire

Custom J400 panel with quick remove Garmin 196 inset box

In-flight entertainment systems

I built and painted this AC Cobra kit car with leather panel

Radio and transponder mount for J400 panel


J400 with Dynon and AIM-2 EFIS

J400 panel -Waiting for Dynon to complete

A Jabiru SP panel being built to customer spec and finished photo below


The Jab SP panel from above fitted in the aircraft

Custom template for the J400 panel below

Custom made Vans RV7 panel with glove box in etch primer

The finished panel installed in the aircraft


Jabiru UL with AV Map IV

J430 with Dynon 10A, electric flaps etc.

MSPAN.JPG (46210 bytes)

J400 panel, panel mounted ventilation

J430 panel, Dynon D180, awaiting GTX328 mode S

Panel cut out, anodised and engraved

Panel cut out and anodised