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Vic Leggott - Supporting Jabiru Owners since 1998!

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Jabiru Aircraft accessories   2023 (prices subject to change)

  • Aircraft Covers/Prop Covers/ Wing tip covers
  • Wheel trims / Spat
  • Stainless Steel fairing attach screws
  • Gear leg fairings / Strut fairings
  • Axle spacers
  • Custom instrument moldings
  • Full width Jabiru instrument panel  
  • Naca Vents    
  • Ram Air Ducts       
  • Cable fairings        
  • Flap arm fairings
  • Sun Visors
  • Flap indicator
  • LCD Temperature module
  • Landing lights
  • Non Jabiru Landing Light
  • Instrument panels
  • J4 Gearleg fairing cover
  • Prop spinners and backplate

    Ordering information 

    Email to request an interest in a product and I will supply ordering / payment info and availability. No Vat to pay!

    All prices are plus delivery (delivery included in UK aircraft cover orders only)

    International orders are no problem and sent by airmail


    Jabiru Aircraft covers

    Light weight touring outdoor aircraft covers offer protection from natural pollutants like bird droppings and tree sap, snow and ice,acid rain, industrial pollutants, dust and airborne dirt, ultra-violet radiation, hot sunshine. The aircraft cover is suitable for continuous outdoor use.

    They are made from a 150D woven textile, proofed with an aluminised finish to reflect ultra-violet sunlight and heat. We control the specification of the proofing to ensure 90% water resistance without losing the breathability. Therefore the cover is breathable.

    We have not found any fabric/material that achieves the Holy Grail of 100% waterproof (that is totally impervious to water) yet is breathable. It seems to us that this is a contradiction; you can have one or the other, not both. True, there are fabrics that supposedly achieve this when used as outer clothing (e.g. Goretex). The catch is that the breathability is forced by the warmth of the body wearing it; rather difficult with an aircraft cover!

    Covers for the J400 with  1st and 2nd generation style cowling now available

    Now available Jabiru SK/UL/SP/ Calypso covers

    Price on application

    Also available - indoor cover - similar to photo but dark grey dust proof and less straps Price on application


    Prop covers for all Jabiru types with 60" dia props

     - Padded cover - 80 incl. UK delivery

    Prices subject to change

    Now available, non jab prop cover for 72" dia props

    Vic Leggott   UK Distributor

    FREE delivery in UK !

    Prices subject to change

    Contact me for international deliveries


    Padded wing tip covers to avoid 'hanger rash'

    With or without winglets


    To fit all Jabiru types


    Price on application

    The Outdoor cockpit and fuselage covers offer an effective theft deterrence.

    The Outdoor aircraft covers have fully sewn hems and include underneath strap(s).

    All Outdoor covers are supplied with a holdall.

    J400/430 cover

    Two seat Jabiru cover  (SK,SP,UL,SPL,Calypso)

    Jabiru padded prop cover  

    Wheel trims

    J400 / 430 owners, fed up with broken spats? Try a set of these wheel hub fairings.

    Painted ready to fit, 79 plus delivery


    Note: Jabiru use an AN4-63A bolt on the nose wheel when no spats are fitted. You will need the longer AN4-72A which Jabiru use when spats are fitted. These can be purchased from an aircraft hardware supplier if your plane doesn't  already have one. I supply the bolts for the main wheels.

    Now available for both Four seater and Two seater Jabirus.

    Note. the ali. stub axle extension for the Jabiru UL, UL-D, Calypso, SK, SPL, has to be reduced in length to accommodate the trim fairing. (I can do this for you)

    J400 /430 /450  J160 with 6" wheel rims

    Jabiru UL, UL-D, Calypso, SK, SPL,

    Jabiru UL Front spat

    Complete spat with hardware, painted, assembled ready to fit (just drill hole for axle and fork leg)

    Jabiru UL, UL-D, Calypso, SK, SPL

    Early jab spats came in two halves with a seam longways down the middle. Mine are made in one part both front and rear sections, making them more resilient. Otherwise identical.

    198 + delivery


    OR - I can supply this part of a Jabiru front spat that is so easily broken! 

    Front spat, front section only supplied painted but no mounting holes (you drill to match your own)

    59 +delivery






    Jabiru SK/UL/SPL front and main spats full set now available

     - 628 painted incl hardware. plus del.

     Axle extension tube and ali channel for inner leg attachment available as extra

    J400/430 full spat set for standard wheels and tyres. Painted ready to fit including hardware. Does not include lower gear leg ali. channel which is available separately. 758 plus del. (UK only)

    Luscombe Silvaire spats - fibreglass copies

    Supplied Fibreglass spats only in primer no hardware

    360 plus delivery


    Contact me for more info.

    Stainless Steel fairing attach screws

    Screws as used to attach fairings etc.

    6g x 1/4" pack of 10 1.45  + postage

    6g x 1/2" pack of 10 1.65  + postage


    Gear Leg/strut fairings

    Jabiru UL, UL-D, Calypso, SK, SPL

    These fairings are no longer available from Jabiru

    I can supply as shown, painted ready to fit with stainless steel self tapping screws (supplied)

    Tinnerman washers and stainless machine screws are 15 extra (see photo), otherwise removable part is secured with supplied stainless self tapping screws.

    340 + delivery (collect in person recommended)

    These can also be permanently bonded to the aircraft and inspection hatches cut out.

    Jabiru strut to wing fairings

    These simple fairings are great as they can be positioned to allow for a tie down rope. Later fairings are much larger and in two parts, which conceal the end of the strut.

    If you want tie down convenience or weight is an issue, these may help.

    Painted ready to fit with stainless steel screws supplied. 41 / pair + delivery

    Some early jabs had tape to join the wing gaps. Here is the panel that you can use as per the later design.

    Supplied with screws if required and cutting template for flap rod.

    63 plus delivery

    Spacers to eliminate end float on the main axle between axle extension and wheel bearing. Each 0.4mm thick

    Noticeable as a 'clonk' as you taxi over uneven ground

    13 for a set of 4 +delivery

    SPACER.JPG (58125 bytes)

    Full width Jabiru Instrument panel, as fitted to J400/430, J160/170, later Jabiru SP, UL etc

    I can now supply the panel as shown above (examples fitted to the right)

    New price of 355 plus postage for the fibreglass panel surround finished in satin black. I can also supply the aluminum front plate either plain or cut out  - see below. Plus all the necessary fittings Email for prices.


    Due to the size, unfortunately I can only supply to the UK

    For examples of panel layouts I've made Click here


    Above: Fitted in a J400

    Below: Fitted in a Jabiru SP


    Now available the larger Instrument panel as now fitted to the J430

    Supplied painted with firewall fittings and plain aluminum front panel

    only 399 plus delivery

    Custom made moldings e.g. naca vents (various sizes and outlet size options) aileron cable exit fairings, rudder cable exit fairings.

    Boxes for anything e.g. - in photo, Microair radio 




    Run out of panel space?

    Then one of these boxes for a 2" or 2 1/4" round instrument may be the answer. (up to 8" (200mm) long)

    Custom made to your requirements!

    Longer lengths available by special request

    Supplied painted ready for hole to be cut as required   

    Single instrument Price approx 67 plus delivery.

    -or this one below shaped to fit the side of a full width panel J4xx series or another to fit on top

    double instrument Price approx 92 plus delivery

    contact me for an individual quote.


    Side mount

    Top mount

    Above- side mount with VSI shown

    Garmin 196/296/496 on top of panel mounting box, using the 'AirGizmo Mount'

    Fibreglass box painted and finished (AirGizmo and GPS not supplied) 155 plus postage

    Naca vent 1

    Overall length 10" x 41/2" wide

    Opening when fitted would be 6 1/2" x 3"

    Out let size made to your choice i.e. 2" ,  2 1/4" etc

    Price 29.50 +delivery

    NAC1.JPG (41571 bytes)

    Naca vent 2

    Overall length 7" x 3 3/4" wide

    Opening when fitted would be 4 3/4" x 2 3/4"

    Out let size made to your choice i.e. 2" , 1 1/2" etc

    Price 28.50 +delivery


    NAC2.JPG (37358 bytes)
    Naca vent 3

    Large Naca vent with exit tube 2 1/4" exit 

    Finished in one piece and white gel coat. As used on J400 etc carb air box inlets. 

    Opening approx  9 1/2 " x 4" x 3 " deep

    Price 45.50 +delivery



    Naca vent 2 with exit tube and eyeball.

    Tube length can be cut as required.



    Use modified eyeball vents to finish off inside 43 each

    NAC3.JPG (8077 bytes)


    NEW !!

    Moldings with eyeball vent to cover the Jabiru sliding type factory supplied vent opening. Retain the air scoops on the outside but have the benefit of the eyeball adjustable vent on the inside. These can be fitted over the slide vent or remove the slide vent for a better fit. The duct tube can be cut to length

    Available as a pair for Two Seaters 119 plus postage

    Or set of three for 4 Seater Jabirus 161 plus postage

    Ram Air ducts for Jab 2200 in Jabiru UL with the intermediate larger finned heads - see pic below


    Left and right, fibre glass parts only supplied

    Ram Air ducts 230 a pair plus postage










    Jabiru 2200 engine, prop spinner and back plate as in photos.

    Anchor nuts, rivets, tinnerman washers and screws can also be supplied.

    Spinner 99 incl paint + del

    Backplate 85 + del



    3 blade warp drive spinner and back plate as fitted to Quick 912S Also available for Airplast 3 blade.

    Available in primer, gloss white, gloss black

    164 plus delivery.





    A.  Cabin heat outlet duct (stops your feet overheating!)

    Price 15 +delivery


    B. Rudder cable exit fairing, supplied painted ready to fit

    Price 18.50 + delivery


    C. Aileron cable exit fairing, supplied painted ready to fit

    Price 28.50 for a pair +delivery


    Above supplied with fitting screws


    Aileron cable exit cover (type C)


    D.  Non specific aircraft cable fairing

    28mm wide x 18mm deep at front x 104mm long

    flange approx. 1"

    Price 19.50 +delivery


    E.  Non specific aircraft pulley fairing

    inside measurements 15mm wide x 12mm deep x95mm long

    Flange approx. 1"

    Price 19.50 +delivery



    CABFAIR1.JPG (57212 bytes)



    Jabiru UL, UL-D, Calypso, SK, SPL flap arm fairings

    Supplied painted with fixing screws

    Price 55.50 / pair  plus delivery






    Gear leg underside screw on 'fairing sections' where the gear leg clamp is, as found on the J400 / 430. see photo...


     These tend to go missing!

    27 each, painted, including stainless steel screws

     - State port or starboard.

     J4xx series Sun Visors  

    - New style- better tint and adjustable hinges


    Just the job for the low sun in the winter!

    Fittings and instructions supplied 48.50 +delivery


    Now with new hinge which can be adjusted for tension 



    New style Jabiru UL, UL-D, Calypso, SK, SPL Sun Visors

    - New style- better tint and adjustable hinges

    Fittings and instructions supplied 48.50 +delivery


    Now with new hinge which can be adjusted for tension


    Flap indicator.


    Shows when flaps are anything other than neutral.

    Fittings, connectors, wiring and bright flashing led with panel insert all supplied 34.50 + delivery





    LCD Temperature module


    Can be used as a carb temp monitor if attached to the body of the carb or an OAT sensor if fitted elsewhere

    Temp range -50 deg C to +110 deg C with an accuracy of +/- 1 deg C

    Powered by 2 LR44 button cells (supplied)

    Will fit into an opening of 26mm x 45mm

    Overall dimensions 48mm x 28.6mm x 15.2mm

    module to sensor tip-  790mm cable length ( I can make any length)

    Price 10.50 plus postage

    Landing lights

    Very bright, be seen for miles. Suitable for all Jabiru types. 

    Cut the hole in the cowl, flock the molding in and fill to blend in.

    What you get:


    Fibre glass molded components

    Now with super bright SMD chip led lamps 55w equivalent

    Connector and switch.

    54 +delivery

    LAND.JPG (24166 bytes)


    Non Jabiru aircraft

    Very bright, be seen for miles. Suitable for aircraft with a flat or nearly flat underside to the cowl.

    Different angle of lamp position available.

    Fitted to Skyranger and Zenair, would also fit Eurostar etc

    What you get:

    Fibre glass molded lamp unit, painted white ready to fit

    SMD chip led lamps 55w equivalent already fitted

    Quick release Connector, stainless steel attach screws and nuts

    69.50 +delivery



    I also supply a number of other Jabiru services including custom built instrument panels.

    Panels designed and cut from a blank, anodized, engraved etc.

    Click here


    Your Jabiru dealer or relevant body should be contacted before any modifications or changes are carried out to the aircraft kit or engines. This could affect your warranty or insurance cover. 
    Please ask before reproducing material from this site, thank you.