Press Release 6th February 2006

Factory Built Microlight now CAA Approved !


Developed over fifteen years, the UL-D incorporates all of the best features that have made Jabiru kits one of the best selling types in the UK. Australia is still one of the toughest countries to give certification and their testing left no stone unturned, taking five years to certify. As a result, the UL-D is delightful to fly, very strong and gives the occupants unrivalled crash protection.

Developed with the Microlight flying school in mind, improvements have included two inch wider doors, improved door design with tougher streamline hinges, winglets, fuel in the wings, large luggage space, cabin heat and re-designed cowlings that reduce drag, improve cooling and looks.

The price is very competitive and includes UK registration and permit,

Microair 760 radio, VOX intercom, headsets, cabin heat, spats, door locks, fuel tester and manuals

· Certified in UK for Microlight Training

· Cruise speed 100 knots plus

· Complete price with no additional options required

· Flying school lease hire available

· Benefit from "Jabiru Flight Centre" status and Dealership

· Comprehensive spares and service backup

· All for £38,000 inc VAT