Note - the Jabiru SP-T is not approved or available in the UK at this time

Information taken from Jabiru Aircraft Pty Ltd Web site

Author : Jabiru Aircraft

Source : September 1999

Jabiru Aircraft Pty Ltd has just announced another kitplane model to be added to its expanding range. This follows release of the SP & UL models earlier this year.

The Jabiru SP-T is the new taildragger version of the Jabiru SP model. The SP has the longer (600mm/2’) fuselage extension and the standard 8 metre (26’4") wingspan. The SP-T taildragger has the main gear moved forward, a larger rudder, differential braking through toe brakes and a steerable tailwheel.
The SP-T model also incorporates the standard Jabiru 6 cylinder cowlings which can accommodate the builder’s choice of Jabiru’s 4 cylinder 80hp engine or its 6 cylinder 120hp engine. Cruise speed with the 4 cylinder engine is 105 knots and 120 knots with the 6 cylinder engine.

"We have regularly had requests from potential customers for a taildragger version of the Jabiru" Phil Ainsworth, Joint Managing Director said. "It was not until one very persistant customer, Peter Kayne of Narrogin WA, offered to work with us on the project that we were able to move it up the priorities list."

The SP-T can be fitted with 500 x 6 mains, for which spats are available, or the Bigfoot 600 x 6 mains.

Maximum Takeoff Weight on the SP and SP-T models has been increased to 470kg for the 4 cylinder powered version and 500kg for the 6 cylinder. The Vne for both models has been increased to 132 knots.

The SP-T will expand Jabiru’s Australian and International market appeal to those who need rough strip capabilities or to those who "just want a taildragger." Its low maintenance and low operating costs should make it particularly attractive to rural property owners.

The SP-T is offered as part of Jabiru’s Kitplane range and can be built under either the General Aviation Experimental Rule or CAO 95.55 Amateur Built Ultralight Rule.

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