EI - JAK  Jabiru UL

The "Jak" build was started in December 1997 and finished in July 1998. However, due to bad weather the test flying took an age, but Jak is now fully permitted.

I am slightly unique, being the only disabled pilot in Ireland. I trained in Old Sarum, where Aviation for Paraplegics and Tetraplegics Trust (APT) do marvellous work in teaching disabled people to fly. They use Shadow microlights but I think the Jabiru is an ideal aircraft for disabled pilots; you can do all inspections from a wheelchair and getting in and out is not too difficult. Also, the wheelchair fits in the passenger seat. The brakes being hand operated, the only problem is operating the rudder.

I am therefore developing a hand control kit for the Jabiru - prototype currently being fabricated - which I hope to have approved by the factory in Australia and thereafter by the authorities in the British Isles. This would increase the options for disabled pilots.

Sean Walshe