In the Recordbooks!

Julian Harris and Bob Sharp from Rochester have placed themselves in the recordbooks with attempts to break 3 records, 2 world records and the UK altitude record for microlights. The latter record is now confirmed and the world records should be ratified shortly and the FAI have already provisionally confirmed them. Julian built the Jabiru in his garage and partly at Rochester last year and being that the Jabiru is a particularly slippery microlight decided to go for the record some months ago. He was only able to actually make the attempt in April, when the correct propeller came through from the manufacturers as the original one was 'too fine'. Keith Reynolds from Rochester Microlights was ratified as an official observer, on the basis of his extensive experience as an instructor, examiner and previous round the world attempt in a microlight aircraft.

Julian Harris with his record breaking Jab

The attempts are administered and rules set by the FAI in Switzerland and confirmed in the UK by the BMAA/ Royal Aero Club. Julian had many weeks setting up and locating the necessary equipment and paperwork for the attempts which involved flying round a 50 and a 100km triangle without 'clipping' the corners.

The attempt was very much team work, with Bob doing the lookout and navigating and Julian trying to keep it all straight and level!