Graham and Judy Pritchard build a Jabiru Rans S-6
We used the 582 kit with the Rans cowlings which meant that Graham had to do some modifications. The exhaust wouldn't fit inside the cowling so a gusset was made of aluminium in the bottom cowling. The exhausts had to be cut off to enable us to fit the cowlings on and then joined together afterwards which wasn't ideal but dose work. As cooling was a great importance Graham made a aluminium piece to close off the front nose hole except for the air ducts. He also made a box to contain the oil cooler and scat hoses and force air from the 582 cowling ducts through the oil cooler. This works very well and we have had to blank the oil cooler off for winter operation to get the oil warm enough. A hole was made under the nose hole of the cowling to cool the sump and again aluminium ducts were made to force the air down around the sump.
As the prop flange would not clear the cowlings a prop extension of 2 inches was needed to bring the prop into the correct position. Maybe the Jabiru cowlings for the S6 would be an advantage for future builders. It depends how confident the builder is on modifying the existing cowlings. I believe Sport Air is thinking of building a S6 with the Jabiru and using Jabiru cowlings so that should be interesting.

The plane flies well and is very quiet and we are very pleased with it so far.