Karl Geng - in Marco Island Florida

Karl with N30KG

Karl Geng with   N30KG

Karls Jabiru

Karls Jabiru SK

B17 and Jab

 A B17 at Karls Airport!

Marco Island Airport

Marco Island Airport


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A few weeks ago before I changed registration numbers on my Jabiru the

following funny thing happened at KAPF (Naples/FL airport) ....

I was on the taxiway close to the runup area and number 4 in line for

takeoff. I had just switched from Ground to Tower and heard .. 57TA hold

short of the runway. Mind you my call was N57TA so I replied:

Naples Tower 57TA is number 4 in sequence for takeoff.

TWR: No you are not you are number one.

ME: Can't be there is a twin in front of me and two more planes in front of


TWR: Who is the white Cessna in the number two spot.

Cessna: 57TA ready for take off

TWR: Hang on a minute - everyone quiet until we figure this one out.

The white Cessna in the number 4 spot behind the twin whats your


ME: N57TA and this Cessna is a Jabiru!

TWR: What the heck is a Jabiru?

ME: Its an Australian black necked stork

TWR: Thats not what I meant

ME: Its an Australian composite aircraft.

TWR: OK now whats your full call Australian?

ME: November five seven tango alpha

TWR: Now the real Cessna in the number one Spot whats yours?

Cessna: November seven five seven tango alpha

TWR: OK now I see the confusion - OK for today I give the Cessna the call -

Cessna 57TA cleared for take-off runway 5 maintain runway heading

And you stork I will call Australian today and you better wait until the

Cessna has left the pattern or we will all get confused again.

ME: Roger 57 Tango Alpha correction Australian wilco.

It was one of these days.