J160 or Fatboy- Jan Hanekom

I have had the opportunity to fly the new J160 or Fatboy as it is known here in SA. Huge cockpit and good handling and flies about the same as the ones we have. The engine now produces 85HP according to them and it has wing tanks holding 140 liters! The kits will have dual control sticks, a panel throttle and adjustable seats.

The one I flew is at the factory in George ( on the south coast ) and the Jabiru factory owner has asked me to take ZU-FAT ( the demonstrator ) to Brits where it will stay in my hanger and I will then fly it to all the fly-inns and rallies to give it some exposure up here. I only have to put in fuel. So hopefully within the next few weeks I will go and fetch it - about a 7 hour flight back.

Jan Hanekom

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