This message was mailed by Thorrud Kristen NORWAY SONEX to Alessandro of GT propellers Italy,after test flight with the new GT prop. Designed and produced for SONEX aircraft Jabiru powered. TOP assured performance. Available for Jabiru 2200/3300,VW or similar auto conversion.

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Hello Alessandro!

What a prop!!!! It exceeded my expectations by far!

With the Sensenich 54 x 44 i had the following max performance:

135 mph at 3300 rpm. I was usually cruising at 2800 rpm and had between 110

and 120 mph. Max climb was usually around 700 ft/minute.

With the new GT prop I got the following:

Max speed at level flight : 170 mph at 3250 rpm!

Cruising speed: 130 mph at 2500 rpm!

Climb: I saw climb figures around 1500 ft/minute!

My friend with his Storm 280 was not able to follow me anymore. With the

Sensenich prop I had a hard time keeping up with him.

I also had better temperatures. Before I had a problem with high oil temps.

Now the oil temp were down to 75-85. CHT temps are also down, but the EGT is

up a bit (Could be due to the cold air temp)

Alessandro, I'm really pleased with the new prop and will do some more

testing and record the results.

Thanks a lot for a great propeller!

Regards Thorrud

GT Propeller for Jabiru aircraft by Clive James

I just wanted to say how impressed I am with the GT Propeller which I have on my SP. GT are going to look at the performance figures to optimise the performance further. I feel there maybe scope to drop the rev's a little further (coarsen it). Although I'm awaiting Alessandro at GT for feedback.

Currently I would estimate that I get 3 kts more speed with the GT for the 2800 cruise revs than I did with the Jabiru.

The propeller is quieter and smoother than anything I've fitted before. Made from Ash laminate it has a thick resin leading edge and rounded tip to limit noise. Fuel consumption looks to be improved by at least 1 litre an hour (measured over 20 hours flying @ 2800). For comparable speed that would equate to 2 litres or so saving.

If you're considering a new prop don't limit yourself to currrent models. Checkout GT's website for more info on the company.

Alessandro and Clive at Cranfield  Rally 2002