Fenland Jabiru and Vans fly-in 19th Oct 2002

Vic Leggott

What a bit of luck, some of the best weather we've had for a while and on the day of the Fenland Jab fly-in.

It must have been the busiest day of the year (years?) with Ray in the tower  doing an excellent job working flat out to manage all the movements. We even had a 'Follow Me' vehicle in the parking area! When we departed at 16.00 there were six aircraft in front of us, all waiting at the hold, so Ray held the several incoming aircraft for us all to make a mass departure, just like Cranfield!

There were at least 16 Jabirus arriving during the day from all over including Yorkshire and Kent. There were a number of Vintage types along with a Glastair, Eurostar and a few Vans aircraft.

The restaurant was working overtime trying to feed the multitude!

Many thanks to Fenland for organising the day and look forward to next year.

Several balloons were up on the flight home, excellent conditions.