Aerofair 2000 North Weald

By Vic leggott

The event held on 2-3-4th June attracted a number of exhibitors in the General aviation Market.

S.T.Aviation were there and took some serious enquires although demo flights weren't practical. The airfield was very busy air-side too especially at the end of the day on Saturday when departing aircraft were using both directions and the middle of the same runway!

A number of Jabirus flew-in despite the very changeable weather with the occasional thunderstorm forecast (although it stayed fine for the event). Other Jabiru owners came by road, some of them still at the building stage.

S.T.A along side the 'Flyer' stand

Jabiru were at the lower cost end of the market on display.

It was nice to see how the other half live though!

Each day ended with an excellent aerobatic show, with a Sukhoi SU26 doing maneuvers beyond description!